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Elvis On Tour US 3-Sheet Film Poster 1972

Elvis On Tour 1972 US 3-Sheet film poster is for sale. The poster is for the Elvis Presley in concert film that captures the magic of Elvis, his musicians, backing singers and orchestra. This large and stunning poster features Elvis Presley in his jumpsuit. The poster is in Mint condition and comes in two parts as issued.  The poster bears the stamp to the reverse.

Muhammad Ali His Life and Times

Signed First Edition 1991

Muhammad Ali His Life and Times by Thomas Hauser “with the cooperation of Muhammad Ali” signed first edition is for sale. This is a stunning Robson Books Ltd UK first edition that has been signed by Muhammad Ali to the Half Title Page with the book plate that reads: “To commemorate Muhammad Ali’s visit to Great Britain in Autumn 1991. Best wishes”. The signature is clear and in black ink.

Queen Victoria Cabinet Photograph by Charles Knight

Copyright Feb 15 1898

Queen Victoria cabinet photograph by Charles Knight Copyright Feb 15 1898 is for sale. This very rare cabinet photograph of Queen Victoria has a printed copyright date of just 8 months after Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee and shows a smiling Queen Victoria sitting in a carriage. This rare photograph is believed to have been taken at Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.  This rare and collectable original Queen Victoria photograph was taken by Court Photographer Charles Knight and is on his mount.

Sir Winston Churchill Huntley and Palmers Biscuit Tin 1956

Huntley and Palmers Sir Winston Churchill commemorative biscuit tin is for sale.  This Huntley and Palmers Winston Churchill commemorative biscuit tin is rectangular in shape with a photographic portrait of Sir Winston Churchill on the lid of the biscuit tin. The Huntley and Palmer biscuit tin is decorated with objects associated with Sir Winston Churchill such as a painting palette, poodle, cigar, etc.

The Prince and the Showgirl Marilyn Monroe & Lawrence Olivier Picture Show Film Magazine 6th July 1957

The Prince and the Showgirl Marilyn Monroe and Lawrence Olivier photograph to the Picture Show magazine front cover is for sale. This Picture Show magazine is dated 6th July 1957.

The Godfather Film Programme 1972

The Godfather film programme is for sale. This is The Godfather 1972 film programme for the iconic film that starred Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone as well as Al Pacino, James Caan, Robert Duvall and Diane Keaton. This rare Godfather film programme contains a large number of colour photographs from this iconic Hollywood film and is in Fine condition.

The Godfather Souvenir Song Album 1972

The Godfather Souvenir Song Album is for sale. This rare and attractive The Godfather song album was published in 1972 by Paramount Pictures Corporation to coincide with the epic film starring Marlon Brando as Don Corleone. This is a stunning piece of The Godfather memorabilia. The Godfather song album measures 8.75 x 11.00 inches (approximately), has 70 numbered pages that are packed with large colour photographs and black and white photographs from The Godfather film, as well as a film style advertisement for The Godfather and the full music score to this truly iconic film.

Timerider The Adventure of Lyle Swann

British Quad Film Poster 1982

Timerider The Adventure of Lyle Swann British quad film poster is for sale.  Timerider The Adventure of Lyle Swann is the story of a motorcycling champion who whilst riding in the Mexican desert goes back in time. The story of Timerider The Adventure of Lyle Swann was written by former Monkees band member Michael Nesmith and starred Fred Ward and Peter Coyote.

Mother Goose Pantomime Theatre Programme

London Palladium 1954 - 1955

Mother Goose Pantomime Theatre Programme London Palladium for 1954 – 1955 is for sale. This London Palladium Mother Goose pantomime starred Peter Sellers, Max Bygraves and Shirley Eaton. The Mother Goose front cover has a wonderful illustration of Mother Goose flying over a fairy tale castle. The centre pages has Mother Goose illustrations with the cast list and a synopsis of the scenes.

Charlie Chaplin The Great Dictator

Original Set 8 Window Cards with Credit List 1940

Charlie Chaplin The Great Dictator 1940 original set of 8 window cards with the Cast and Credits List is for sale. The Charlie Chaplin The Great Dictator window cards have 8 great black and white images of Charlie Chaplin in this landmark wartime United Artists film. Each of the window cards have the title “Charles Chaplin in The Great Dictator” and advise that this is the property of United Artists. Each of the window cards measures 8.00 x 10.00 inches. The Great Dictator window cards is accompanied by the very rare Cast and Credits List that would have also been displayed in the movie theatre. The Cast and Credits List measures 6.00 x 9.75 inches (approximately).

Mickey Mouse Walt Disney Birthday Card with Envelope Postmark 1935

Walt Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Birthday Card with original mailing envelope is for sale. This vintage Walt Disney Mickey Mouse birthday card opens to the size of a small poster measuring a very impressive 19 inches x 23 inches. The original mailing envelope which matches this very early old fold-out Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Birthday Card is post marked El Paso, Texas, USA and dated January 25, 1935.

Felix the Cat Annual 1927

Felix the Cat Annual 1927 is for sale. The Felix Annual 1927 was printed and engraved for the Daily Sketch and Sunday Graphic Ltd by Allied Newspapers Limited.  The Felix Annual front board features a large illustration of Felix the Cat in an art deco border.  The front board has the words The Felix Annual Adventures of the Film Cat.  The Felix Annual back board has an advertisement for Ovaltine Tonic Food Beverage.

The Adventures of Rupert The Little Lost Bear

Mary Tourtel First Edition 1921

The Adventures of Rupert the Little Lost Bear by Mary Tourtel is for sale. The Adventures of Rupert the Little Lost Bear is the first ever Rupert the Bear Book.  This is the first edition of The Adventures of Rupert the Little Lost Bear published by Thomas Nelson in 1921. The Adventures of Rupert the Little Lost Bear contains the original Rupert Bear stories taken from the Daily Express Newspaper where they originally appeared in 1920.

Louis Wain Lunch At The Races Cats Postcard Used Postmark 1905

Vintage Louis Wain cats postcard is for sale. The Louis Wain vintage postcard is entitled Lunch At The Races and is published by C.W. Faulkner & Co and is number 541D. To the front of the Louis Wain cats vintage postcard is a large number of Louis Wain cats arriving for a picnic in an Olde English carriage, with a huge amount of activity unpacking the hamper baskets, etc to have an Ascot type day at the races.

Titanic The Exhibition Brochure Autographed by Titanic Survivor Millvina Dean

Titanic brochure signed by Millvina Dean is for sale. The Titanic brochure was published to mark a Titanic exhibition. This Titanic brochure has been boldly autographed by Millvina Dean (1912-2009) to the top of the front cover in black ink. Millvina Dean was just two months old when the Titanic sank and was the youngest passenger aboard RMS Titanic.

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